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TESTIMONIALS for Linda Gillan  

Linda Gillan

 Very inspiring and educative. 

G.M.  2019

I really appreciated your personal, lived experience. 

Thank you for sharing. Our actions can have a 

very big impact for good or ill. E.C. 2019 

 Very touching to experience the real life story. Very valuable to upskill my knowledge in relation 

to mental health. D.T. 2019

Heartfelt and informative. Made me conscious of my own subconscious STIGMA towards others.  

W.A. 2019 

Linda Gillan

 Added a reality factor to all the theories and exercises I've learnt before. Awareness of the hopelessness and helplessness a person feels.  A. C.  2019

Fantastic, thank you so much for your insight and lived experience. I feel it will help in my practice in the future. 

O.  2019

Linda Gillan

 Valued immensely, thank you. The reality – experience of the internal world and its disconnect. N.C.  2019

 Great and heartfelt.  Understanding  what is heard. 

The importance of having a support group. D.E.  2019

Linda Gillan

  Very engaging and interesting.

Be gentle and validate people’s experiences with mental illness. 

G.  2019


Very real.  Important to use support, Equip yourself with people who care. M.J. 2019

Very informative. Thank you Linda

It’s OK to say I am not OK. 

A.L.  2019

Informative to hear from lived experience and an individual’s perspective rather than just clinicians and trainers.   D.W. 2019

 Very good, the value of support 

and that you can recover. 

K.O.  2019 

Very brave. Informative explanation on supporting someone who is experiencing a  psychotic episode. 

S.H. 2019 

Linda Gillan

Very real – Eye opener. 

Don’t make any judgement 

or try to fix the problem. 

O. 2019 

Honest. A good perspective of 

mental health.  Listen. 

C.  2019

Thank you for sharing – makes the ‘story’ of mental illness more real.   

I found your story very interesting. 

F.G. 2019 

Very insightful and brave to openly talk.  Be open minded.  P.W.  2019 

very honest and enlightening. 

D.W.  2019

Linda Gillan

Very open and honest.  

C.W. 2019 


 Very articulate, tangible, 

well presented, Thank you Linda.  

A.C. 2019